Gweru Poly does not only focus on technological issues but also engages in research aimed at solving social and economic challenges.

One of the lecturers who is undergoing who is undergoing doctoral studies, Mr. Maxwell Musingafi, published the following as part of his studies.

  • Single Mothers Empowerment Through Small Business Development projects: The case of the GWAPA poverty alleviation programme.
  • Improving performance in the African Civil service: The case of Gweru Polytechnic.

He also wrote a novel in Shona entitled:
Rwizi Pakati Ko?

It is expected that more staff members especially those undergoing degree studies, will soon be publishing their works.

Public Address System
The electrical department is proud to built a power to of the range PA System.

Designed by Mr Gwerma
Lecturer: Electrical Engineering

Capacity : 3m(Two bodies)
Compressor Size : 1/3 hp
Voltage/ Frequency : 220V / 50Hz
Amperage : 1.4A

For use in: -

1. Urban and Rural Clinics
Can be powered by a generator or solar where there is no electricity.
No need to rush in burying our loved ones before close relatives arrives.

2. Funeral Parlours
Very smart, there’s no need to construct a building for a mortuary.
Something you move with if you change premises.

3. Chief Homesteads
In case where no clinics are available nearby, chief homesteads will do with the recent Rural Electrification Programme, electricity is available

Zimbabwe National Army
No need for our heroes to be buried in foreign lands.
Bring back the sons and daughters of the soil back home without any decomposition.
To be powered by trucks.

Technical Specifications
Designer : Mukau Rwarinda
Voltage : 10-15 Volts d.c solar power/ 220v mains
Power : 100watts max (direct output switching)
Output switching : Modules(as per specification)
PCB Dimensions : 135*75mm

Extremely low cost item to reduce road carnage.
Versatile power supply with low power consumption.
No need for highly specialized persons to set up or repair.
Readily available easy to replace components.
No maintenance required.


Technology is the use of hardware/ tangible objects in a logical manner. It comes in phases, years and eras. Electricity has vastly improved industrialisation and human life. In Zimbabwe it has been used in towns for cooking (electrical stoves)

The Dover stove seeks to address the following:
Fuel Conservation, the heat energy is more focused on cooking than being transferred to the atmosphere as is the case on open fire cooking system (in rural areas).
Environmentally friendly, combustion in the stove is more thorough than it is open air thereby minimising the emission of some dangerous gases. These gases are a result of incomplete combustion.

Designed by: B.Madondo
Lecturer:Mechanical Engineering

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